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Services Provided

I provide individualized therapy for ages 18 and up. As of March 2020, I am providing online or "Telehealth Therapy" and am not currently seeing clients in-person.

Art Therapy

My professional training is in art therapy and I am a registered art therapist (ATR). Art therapy is about creating art in a therapeutic setting. Simply put, this means that I provide you with art supplies and help guide you through the therapeutic process by giving you direction or "art directives". These directives are tailor-made to address your specific concerns, so that you can address and then increase your emotional and often times physical wellbeing. Art therapy allows you to identify, address your struggles, and then move forward with your life.

What art therapy can do to help:
  • Resolve conflicts & problems
  • Develop interpersonal skills
  • Manage behavior
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase self-esteem & self awareness
  • Achieve insight

Have you ever had trouble putting words to your difficulties or feel as if you're stuck? The act of art making, as well as the art piece you create, will help you to explore and express yourself in a safe space. Allowing yourself to be creative, helps you tap-into and explore complex and overwhelming feelings and situations in a non-threatening way. In many cases, just the process of art making, is therapeutic and healing in itself.

Part of the art therapy process is taking a look at the art you have created, stepping back, and finding clues and answers, into what you are or have been struggling with, allowing you to create positive changes in your life. Art therapy gives your unconscious a voice. Through the use of art therapy, you can have a deeper dialogue with yourself and begin the healing process!

Who can benefit from art therapy?

  • Art therapy is for individuals of any age and gender, families, couples and groups.
  • People who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.
  • People who are feeling stuck in their current lives.
  • People who have been involved in or witnessed a traumatic experience(s).
  • People who have been diagnosed with a mental illness.
  • People who have been diagnosed with a physical illness. *Individuals diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer are now using art therapy as a way to promote healing and reduce stress and anxiety during their cancer treatment.
  • Persons who are currently involved in therapeutic work, art therapy can be used as an additional therapeutic treatment.
  • People who feel stuck in their lives or current situation.


I provide psychotherapy/counseling and am a licensed professional counselor (LPC). My job as a counselor is to help guide you through the therapeutic process of identifying, addressing, and healing from personal, social, or psychological problems. I will help you identify and build upon your existing strengths, provide a supportive and therapeutic environment to help you work through what it is you are struggling with, I will then help you identify and apply positive coping skills, which will help create positive and lasting changes in your life.

I employ an eclectic therapeutic approach that includes but is not limited to: expressive art therapy (including art, play, and narrative therapies), grief, loss and trauma work, collaborative problem solving, and cognitive behavioral therapies. Each approach uses a strength based and culturally competent model.

Simply put, counseling is a way for you to begin to talk about your worries, your concerns, feelings, and struggles. Often times, just by talking about the issue(s) takes away its power. This then allows you to begin to put the pieces of your life back together. Most likely, you have the answer to your problems! Counseling provides you the time, support, and safe space to finally address and move away from your problems.


I am also trained in Brainspotting. This is an integrative psychotherapy that has been found to be particularly helpful in treating trauma and trauma symptoms, (including but not limited to: anxiety, flashbacks, negative self-talk/beliefs, phobias & fears). Do you find yourself re-experiencing emotions that you felt when you suffered a trauma or a difficult time in your life? Do you find that you become "triggered" or have reactions to people, circumstances, or situations that don't seem warranted? Do you feel stuck? Brainspotting may finally help you break free of your symptoms!